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@ActionBronson Needs His Own Damn Cooking Show

Action bronson cooking picI am dating a chef right now and she does two things ( that I can talk about on here) that I absolutely love, she cooks her ass off and constantly exposes me to the food network. I have  learned one thing,  ….a good portion of cooking shows are hosted by people that guarantee ratings but really don’t know anything for real about cooking. These shows aren’t meant for people like me and you they are made for the 40 to 50 something crowd.

I just saw Action Bronson get kicked out of a Whole Foods for cursing at a inventory  guy  for not knowing what Ricotta cheese is, then he rolls 5 blunts and proceeds to produce some of the nicest random food I’ve ever seen putting all that culinary expertise to good use, with a blunt hanging out of his mouth.

Give this man 30 minutes on MTV, film him behaving badly all over New York then making some bad ass food with the ingredients he collects. Give this man a show. Hip Hop and food, this needs to happen. Watch this clip and tell us if you’d watch a 30 minute pilot.


Bounce!! By Dream Team | Via @EighthSupply (Spun By @UrbnAnalysis)

Bumped into this joint on the Eighth Supply SC (@eighth-supply) by a group called the Dream Team from their Dreamy mixtape, Don’t know where they are now I would have linked back to the original but they’ve disappeared!?!?

Well if you’re out there and you see this get in touch I’d love to chat it up with you cats:

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